Acoustic Claddings

Swimming pools, theaters, function rooms, offices,universities, gymnasiums or parking garages… in all these areas, regulations or the search for a particular acoustic atmosphere demand acoustic correction.

TERREAL integrates these requirements by proposing aesthetic systems, durable over time and significantly reducing the internal reverberation of sound, without neglecting health and safety constraints (particularly with regard to fire).

These products are characterized by levels of acoustic absorption, measured in the laboratory (reverberation room), giving an Alpha Sabine αS coefficient of absorption for the whole of the audible range. The shape of the curves thus obtained highlights variable but always an interesting performance, depending on the frequency levels. In these pages we give the overall coefficients, summarizing the effectiveness of each system in the range for the five typical acoustic scenarios (domestic, education, industry, office buildings, roads) where their use is relevant.

The use of these systems as wall facings can be either general, on all walls in the space concerned, or partial:
their performance allows objectives to be achieved even with small areas.

An arrangement of these products in combination, in particular, with TERREAL cladding products of the same shape but not perforated, from which they originate, opens up broad architectural possibilities.

The use of these systems as a complement to other acoustic systems that concentrate their acoustic correction on other frequency ranges is also possible.

Advice from an acoustic design office is always desirable in the design of such spaces.

Area of Use Aim of Acoustic correction Overall coefficient to be considered
Dwelling To reduce the overall noise level from (conversations, televisions and or domestic appliances to protect neighbouring dwelling) α W
Education To ensure that teachers noise can be heard over the background noise in the room. α e
Industry To prevent noise levels which are dangerous to workers’ health.(deafness,tiredness, etc.) α i
Offices To promote concentration at work by avoiding disturbances at work due to ambient noise(telephone conversations, photocopies, etc.) α t
Ground Infrastructure To make the noise from passing vehicles less noticable and less recognizable. DL α