Acoustic Brick

140 x 270 x 70

Acoustic brick is a small format acoustic product, perforated on its frontface and filled with rock wool insulation. Set in mortar like a brick and not fitted mechanically, it can provide not only acoustic correction but also acoustic insulation in a room. Available only in red-orange as standard (other colors on request).

Perforation diameter: 0.55”.

200 x 300 x 120


  • Acoustic performance, particularly in educational spaces requiring noise reduction.
  • Reduces transmission of noise from neighboring rooms.
  • Helps provide acoustical correction for the enclosed space due to closed mortar joints.
  • Traditional aesthetics.
  • Compactness of its format for use in small spaces.
  • The possibility of attaching it as cladding to a partition wall or as a free-standing dividing wall.


Standard Size Physical Characteristics – Imperial Modules

Size (in)
Size (mm)
Center to Center Module (ft)
Center to Center Module (mm)
Unit Weight (lbs)
Unit Weight (kg)
5.51” x ” x 10.63” x .59”
140 x 270 x 70
5.9” x 11.02”
150 x 280
7.87” x 11.81” x .59”
200 x 300 x 70
8.27” x 12.20”
210 x 310