Acoustic shingle


Acoustic shingle is a large format (up to 12.20” x 55.91”-56.3”) double-skinned (0.59”) acoustic facing, supplied filled with rock wool insulation, based on Maestral® cladding, with which it shares its fitting principles and aesthetic qualities.

Perforation diameter: 0.55”.



  • Roundness and softness of its shapes:

    elongated, rounded horizontal lines accentuated by defined verticals with a slightly protruding profile.

  • Flexibility of its attachment system, reducing contact with the user: clips fitted with polyethylene foam spacers.
  • Heavy duty durable : it is particularly suited to public areas and high traffic zones.
  • Acoustic performance, particularly in the area of education.
  • Its simple attachment system on a horizontal rail, Makes for an easy to fit on any type of substrate.
  • Thermal inertia and comfort in summer provided by a process similar to a terracotta wall.


Standard Size Physical Characteristics – Imperial Modules

Size (in)
Size (mm)
Center to Center Module (ft)
Center to Center Module (mm)
Unit Weight (lbs)
Unit Weight (kg)
7.87” x ” x 55.12” x .59”
200 x 1400 x 70
8.27” x 55.91”-56.3”
210 x 1420-1430
11.81” x 55.12” x .59”
300 x 1400 x 70
12.20” x 55.91”-56.3”
310 x 1420-1430