Phonbric is a heavy duty large-sized (up to 16.14” x 35.63”) double-skinned terra cotta facing, filled with rock wool and attached to an aluminum framework.

Diameter of the perforations: .55”



  • The volume and weight of this “heavy wall” and high density per square foot of perforations, give it both:
  • excellent acoustic performance whatever the type of area of application.
  • a high thermal inertia (Th-I rules for thermal regulations) essential to ensuring comfort in the building in summer, a solid product perfectly suited to public areas or high traffic zones.
  • A unique visual signature due to its low thickness, to the variety of types of perforation and its two formats that can be used in combination.
  • Its simple attachment system on a horizontal rail, Makes for an easy to fit on any type of substrate.
  • The fact that it may be cut horizontally or vertically with a trim added to mask any cut line through perforations.


Standard Size Physical Characteristics – Imperial Modules

Size (in)
Size (mm)
Center to Center Module (ft)
Center to Center Module (mm)
Unit Weight (lbs)
Unit Weight (kg)
15.75” x 23.82” x 2.75”
400 x 605 x 70
16.14” x 24.02’
410 x 610
15.75” x 35.43” x .59”
400 x 900 x 70
16.14” x 35.63”
410 x 905