Harmattan is a small size Ovoid terra cotta sunshade. Typically installed in assemblies of three to five pieces with or without rubber spacers between. With multiple pieces per blade colors can be mixed to create subtle to striking effect.

Typical Assembly



Without sunscreens, 100% of the sun’s thermal and visible energy may enter the building.

Sunscreens reduce the sun’s direct visible light while diffusing it, thus interior spaces are more evely day lighted and artificial lighting fixture usage may be reduced.

During summer months when the sun’s angle is steep, sunscreens reduce the sun’s thermal energy enterting the structure allowing to reduce the cooling costs.

During summer months when the sun’s angle is low, sunscreens allow the sun’s thermal energy into the structure allowing for a reduction in heating costs.


Shaded area as a percentage of area covered by sunshade (other than shading from window setback)
Center to Center
Blade spacing
4″ 6″ 8″ 10″ 12″ 20″
Sun at 0 °
Height of shade
41% 27% 21% 16% 14% 8%
Sun at 45 °
Height of shade
100% 77% 58% 46% 38% 23%


Imperial Sizes

Size (in) H x W x L Unit Weight Colors
1.625” x 3.375” x 11.8125″ 3.124 Revel
Sunshade systems are generally designed to fit project specific parameters such as spacing, wind load, sunshade effect and other engineering or architectural requirements. Contact Terreal for assistance in selecting a system for your project. Below are details of our basic system. Autan baguettes can be installed with or without rubber spacers between the baguettes.