• Terreal Terra Cotta Wall Cladding Panel Pricing: Terreal manufactures wall tiles that range from $5 to $25 per square foot (and everything in between). Terra cotta panel thickness, vertical and horizontal module dimensions, color and surface texture affect the  terra cotta panel price.

  • Support Framing for Terra Cotta Installed in a Rainscreen Assembly: Typically, Terreal’s support systems range $4 to $11 per square foot (metal framing components only). The exterior wall construction and rainscreen cavity insulation thickness have an effect on the metal framing components required, resulting in a wide range of anticipated cost. Terreal can assist you in terra cotta rainscreen system material budgets specific to your project with material take-off and budget analysis. Consultation on cost effective terra cotta solutions specific for your project is also available.

  • Terra cotta Rainscreen System Installation Package: Terreal has projects in the U.S. that were installed (materials + labor) for $18 to $60 per square foot. High rise construction, unitized panels, project detailing, and curtain wall assemblies could result in a higher installation cost.


Please contact us for additional assistance on project specific budgets.