Superior Aesthetics

Terreal Terra Cotta provides the most diverse clay product offering available on the market.

The most beautiful buildings in the world are clad with terra cotta roofs and walls. Terra Cotta creates unique visual impact on 50-70% of building’s appearance. Applying one of the most traditional building materials to modern use gives buildings warmth and rich character with beautiful earth-tone colors and organic tones that compliment modern design. Terra cotta works well with other materials – glass, metal, & wood, so the design possibilities are endless. Differentiate your building design from others by using the most traditional building material in a modern-day setting.

The Terra Cotta Advantage
Tailor your building’s exterior cladding to match your exact design aspirations and create a look unique around the world.

  • A broad array of different panel widths and lengths for proper scale on your building’s façade.
  • Textures, perforations and panel customization available.
  • Different textures allow designers to play with shadow effects on the structure.
  • Wide range of natural earth tone and glazed colors available.
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically to achieve designer’s vision of the façade.

  • Terra cotta tiles are color permanent and will not fade – BEST in class color fastness.
  • Rich, warm, earthtone colors are created by extreme heat in kiln and are not affected by sun.
  • Select a wall material for your project that will remain the same in color for 100 years.
  • Terra cotta tiles are not monochromatic thus a range of color hues occur within a given color.
  • Variations in tone are natural, not a defect due to temperature variations within kiln, differences in clay pigments and grit composition.