Terra Cotta Benefits

A wall panel made of dirt that will remain color permanent, fully functional, and beautiful for more than 100 years.

Proven Technology

  • The coliseum and many of the oldest structures still standing in Rome are built from brick. Some over 2,000 years old.
  • The Great Wall of China is over 5,500 miles long, constructed with over 3.8 billion bricks starting in 210 B.C.
  • Many of the ancient cities of old Europe are roofed in clay tiles, some many centuries old
  • Fired clay also known as Terra cotta is a durable proven technology.
  • Terreal takes this basic principle of firing clay to harden it and applies modern technology and techniques to produce a wide range of Terra cotta products; bricks, roof tiles, flooring and wall cladding.
  • Made the same as clay roof tiles → there are buildings in the US that have over 100 year old clay roof tiles that still look and perform like new
  • Made the same as a brick → bricks have performed excellent for thousands of years
  • First double skin terracotta rainscreen installed 20 years ago in France and it is still performing beautifully today
  • Design with this newer modern look but get the “peace of mind” of centuries of successful performance from the most natural building product


Why Terra Cotta?

Terreal North America designs and manufactures terra cotta wall claddings, sunscreens and roof tiles. Terreal North America is a subsidiary of Ludowici Roof Tile, both based in New Lexington, Ohio. As part of a family of terra cotta companies, Terreal’s products are engineered and manufactured in facilities with over 300 years of terra cotta production experience. With 26 factories worldwide, Terreal’s automated processes and large production capacities allow for affordable terracotta product solutions.


  • Strong History
    history img
    • Earliest evidence — Neolithic China
    • Later independent use — Middle East
    • Spread throughout Europe and the Orient
    • Proliferated in Greece and Rome
    • Romans introduced to British Isles
    • Spanish brought to Western U.S.
    • Northern Europeans brought to East Coast
  • How Terra Cotta panels are made
    the make
    • Tile is made by shaping and firing clay/dirt
    • Clay consists of water, aluminum, silica, carbonaceous material, magnesium and other natural elements
    • Clays harvested and brought to plant
    • Blended, ground, screened for impurities
    • Extruded under pressure
    • Moisture removed in dryer
    • Fired at very high temperatures